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sprinter crosswind

Your safety is our driving force.

Due to their size, all vans are susceptible to the effects of crosswinds. With an inappropriate reaction, sudden gusts of winds from the side can quickly become dangerous for the driver and load. By retrofitting Mercedes-Benz Crosswind Assist you will be safe in the knowledge that your Sprinter has the most up to date Adaptive ESP system to assist in the event of sudden crosswinds.

Fresh wind as regards safety.

Crosswind Assist supports the driver in strong, gusty side winds through automatic course-corrective braking of the vehicle, therefore, preventing the vehicle from being pushed out of its lane. It recognises strong gusts of side wind in good time by making use of the ADAPTIVE ESP® driving dynamics control system sensors. At speeds over 80 km/h it corrects the vehicle’s course by means of automatic braking intervention on the side of the vehicle facing the wind. Crosswind Assist reduces the vehicle’s lateral drift substantially and assists the driver in such events.

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